Friday, January 22, 2010

Liberty Reserve

Liberty Reserve is an e-currency account-based system operated by Liberty Reserve S.A. (based in Costa Rica). It allows fast, reliable and secure transactions between the members of the system. The customers can buy and sell Liberty Reserve e-currency via authorized dealers and various exchange services.
One of the disctinctive features of Liberty Reserve that gives the system an advantage against other similar e-currencies is the privacy option. Each selected transaction within the system can optionally be made private by the account holder. Another interesting feature is the wallet-based spending, which allows creation of separate wallets apart from the main account to hold small amounts of money. These wallets have separate security details to ensure better protection of the main balance.
Since the late 2006 Liberty Reserve became one of the most popular payment methods among the Forex traders from many Asian, South American and African countries, because it doesn't require credit card or bank account verification and is not strictly regulated by the authorities. Many trader-friendly Forex brokers list Liberty Reserve as one of the deposit/withdrawal option. Here is a short list of recommended Forex brokers that support Liberty Reserve:
You can also open account with Liberty Reserve for free.

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